Online & Offline payments

What are the Online & Offline payments?

Mukammal.PK has two types of payment systems for sellers' and customers' convenience. 

  • Online
  • Offline
Online Payment:
This is the fastest method of payment. In this payment system, a buyer can directly pay from our website with multiple payment methods like debit card, credit card, mobile wallet, mobile account, bank transfer, etc.
For example: Visa Card, Master Card, PayPak Card, EasyPaisa, Online Transfer etc.

Offline Payment:
In this payment system, a buyer can pay into our account with their own choice of payment methods and then submit the receipt. Your payment is considered to be paid only after the submission of the receipt.
For example: Bank Transfer, Bank Check, EasyPaisa Shop, JazzCash Shop uPaisa Shop etc.

~Enjoy shopping~