About Us

About Us

More than two decades working with IT solutions and services, Mukammal is now starting their own marketplace for your online need, 

What is Mukammal?

Mukammal is an Urdu word which means Complete, In wide range, it is also used as Perfect and Finished.

Concept behind Mukammal

The concept behind Mukammal is to provide the complete solution and service which fulfill all your need. 

Mukammal as a Company

We are providing Mukammal solution and service for all your need. We categorized our services with two different names and domain.


Mukammal.PK is a marketplace where you can sell and purchase quality products. Our moto Mukammal.PK is your real business companion! 

Buy & Sell whatever you want with unique experience. The best place to buy & sell specially for collectors and hobbyist.


Mukammal.Net is All in one solution, service, hub, key, solution for you.

We are providing Mukammal solution for all your PCs, Laptops and Networking's problem. It includes repairing, restoring, backups and of course prevention.