Register as a customer

How to Register as a Customer?

1. Go to Mukammal.PK website.
2. Choose one of the following links:
    a. Click on the "Registration" link on the top corner. or

    b. Click on "Join Us" at the bottom

3. Fill in the Form:
    a. Write your Name, Email address and Password.
    b. Click on "I'm not a robot".
    c. Agree with our terms and conditions:
    d. Click on the "Create Account" button.

4. Check your email inbox and verify your email account by clicking on the "Click Here" button.

5. If you want to send the verification email again, try to login without verification and click on the "Click here to request another" button.

6. After verification, log into your account and go to your Dashboard/My Pane (if not already there). 
a. Click on "Manage Profile".

    b. Enter or update the necessary data.

~Enjoy shopping~